This sports betting sever MCG Predictions, created by two brothers that followed and bet on all sports since the beginning of online betting. The main goal at MCG Predictions is to spread the wealth and knowledge amongst the community we built. There’s no guarantees in gambling and most passes are other peoples plays, here at MCG Predictions we always play our own and provide reasoning behind each bet. Follow the step-by-step guides and bank roll adjuster to safely risk your account balance and help any level better.

Consistency is key, you will find we play smart/safe locks with a dabble in parlays, player props, and SGP. We strive for heaters but in reality sports betting is a marathon. NEVER bet more than you are willing to lose and please for the love of god follow the units guide. This is not a guarantee but when we do have success we want everyone to be right there with us.

With all that being said “leaking” is our number one concern, we know its impossible to stop but there are countermeasures we implement to mitigate it.

Monthly Passes - 30 days
Weekly Passes - 7 days